Kentucky Performance Products: Feeding Horses in Herds

An infographic!

Studies reveal that horses are happiest when living outside with other horses. Researchers also noted benefits to the overall health of these individuals.

However, there can be feeding challenges when multiple horses are turned out together. Kentucky Performance Products, LLC has put together some feeding strategies that will help make group feeding more successful. In the end, the dynamics and personalities within the herd may make it necessary to separate at least some of the horses at feeding time to make sure everyone receives the feed and supplements they require.

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The feeling you get when you watch your child ride.

It’s why we do what we do.

It is why we search high and low for the perfect childproof horse.  It is why we give up our Saturday afternoons to cheer them on at a horse show. It is why we spend hours getting stains out of their show clothes. It is why we teach them to hang a fan up on the stall in hot weather. It is why we make sure they learn to keep TWO full buckets of water in the stall. Here at Kentucky Performance Products it is why we developed Summer Games® Electrolyte that will keep the horses in your life hydrated and healthy.   It is why the horse that matter to you matters to us. Not sure which horse supplement best meets your horse’s needs? We are here to help. Contact us at 859-873-2974 or visit our website at

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