11 #TrailerShoppingProblems

They do say “buyer beware” for a reason. Maria Wachter shares her biggest pet peeves based on plenty of experience.

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While shopping for a used trailer, I have came across a lot of things that compel me to write this…

1. Used trailers priced higher that new ones.

Okay, I get that your three-horse bumper pull trailer from 1985 is in great condition, and trust me, I know that it’s made with heavy duty steel, and I know that they don’t make them like that anymore… but I also know that you’re asking double the price that it went for 32 years ago. I also know I can buy a brand new one for cheaper than your asking price. Thanks but no thanks.

2. All the good deals are over 1500 miles away.

Why can’t I find one just within a day’s drive? Yes, I could make the drive to save some money, but after I factor in fuel, taking time off work and getting a hotel, I could just spend the same amount of money and buy locally.

3. So many trailers being sold without titles.

How can you lose this? Don’t you have a safe place to keep your precious documents? Isn’t that part of being an adult: not losing important stuff? It’s not like you misplaced your coffee cup; you can’t find your title. Normally I find this out after I go to look at the trailer and the owner can’t find a title. Is the trailer stolen? Come on now, quit wasting my time.

4. No title and no VIN.

So frustrating and so time wasting.

5. Rust.

There’s rust and then there’s RUST. I don’t mind a little surface rust, but I do mind when you go to look at a trailer in the desert southwest, to realize the trailer was once from upstate New York and has so much cancerous rust in it that you wouldn’t trailer a hay bale, let alone your precious horse.

6. Four flat tires.

We all know the price of 5 tires(4 plus a spare) cost about as much as that pile of junk you’re trying to sell. How am I supposed to get it to the tire shop anyways to get new tires if they’re all flat?

7. Bad wiring.

I’m not a brain surgeon after all. You almost need to be one to figure out electrical issues.

8. Bad floorboards.

Why does almost every used horse trailer need a new floor? We’ve all heard about those horror stories of the horse in the trailer that lost a hoof because his foot went through a floorboard. Why haven’t the people selling the trailer heard of these stories?

9. A good price but the trailer is painted black.

Really? Black? Just the hottest color you could pick, possibly. Unless your trailer has a built-in air conditioner, it should be illegal to sell a black trailer.

10. Bent axles.

These are normally not discussed between seller and buyer. Oops, they forgot to mention that in their ad. They’re hoping you don’t notice…

11. Flaky sellers.

I love going to look at a trailer to find out 1. the person just doesn’t show up, 2. it’s already sold or 3. it’s not theirs to sell anyway.

On that note, happy shopping!

Anyone have any trailer horror stories? Feel free to comment!

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