The Athletic Rider: Pre- Ride Lower Body Stretches

Just a few minutes is all it takes to get in safe stretching before you mount up!

Riders are athletes, and it’s important that we treat ourselves accordingly — staying in shape, eating well and stretching adequately. Leah Hinnefeld of The Athletic Rider knows the unique needs of the rider as an athlete and shares some lower body stretches that will help any equestrian prepare for their session in the saddle.

As Leah states in her video below, it’s important to keep pre-workout stretches dynamic rather than static to reduce the risk of injury. Leah talks us through a few great stretches for equestrians with visual demonstrations:

These stretches should help any equestrian, whether you are a lesson rider dealing with post-ride soreness or a daily rider in heavy training.

We do plenty of work to make sure our horses are fit and flexible athletes — it’s just as important that we don’t forget to help ourselves!

Learn more about The Athletic Rider at Leah’s website. Go riding!

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