8 Reader-Submitted Equestrian Items That Need To Be Invented

The reader comments on last week’s “4 Things Equestrians Wish Existed” were so good that we thought we’d list them. If any of these make it big, remember that you saw it here on Horse Nation first.

Flickr/David Allan/CC

Flickr/David Allan/CC

Last week we published “4 Things Equestrians Wish Existed” by blogger Annie Goodwin, and her four good ideas (including the ubiquitous Money Tree) spawned a bunch of even better ideas from readers. We felt that these ideas definitely deserved their own time in the spotlight — if you’ve got the creativity, willpower and of course start-up capital to have a go at any of these ideas, don’t forget us little people here at Horse Nation when you make your first million.

Serah Rose: “I want a digital scale on my feed scoop.” (Serah also wants it to be known that all she needs is a 10% cut off the profits if you’re feeling inventive.)

Kate Boggan: “I want jumps that set themselves back up.” Not just the standards that lower and raise, but actually set the pole back up when you knock it down.

Elle Wakefield: “Ground poles that role back into place!”

Susan Klotz: “I actually dreamed up a self-cleaning stall floor that was a huge rubber mat on rollers that took care of a whole aisle while the horses were turned out, and a hopper overhead that sprinkled the floor with fresh bedding. Not the most economical but certainly a time saver.”

Rachel Easton had several ideas:

  • “I wish for a self dragging arena that never has dust.”
  • “I would love a poop conveyer so I could muck a stall onto the conveyer and it would just deposit the poop in the manure bins. I hate wrangling a wheelbarrow.”
  • “I’d also love a vacuum tube system for delivering grain. Just measure it out in the feed room, and then pour it into the tube and it gets delivered to the stall (like bank tubes). That way you could feed grain to all the horses at once and no one gets upset about being last.”

Michelle Mortier:I want an easy hoof abscess poultice boot, that the horse can actually be turned out in!

Feeling industrious, Horse Nation? Get to work on these million-dollar ideas. What equestrian inventions would you add to the list?

Go riding!

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