Video: Friesians, Illuminated

Because why not?

Friesian horse people of the world, we’ve got to hand it to you — you guys love to show off your gorgeous steeds of the night, and really who can blame you because they are literally the stuff that fantasies are made of. And when slow-mo galloping with all that mane and tail blowing in the wind no longer strikes your particular fancy for whatever reason, y’all have no qualms at all about pulling out a few props and accessories and REALLY going to town.

For example, I recall a hazy sleep-deprived memory of a Fantasia performance from Equine Affairs of days gone by involving a lot of feathers. And of course there’s always the giant Friesian-in-a-bubble incident of 2015. And the latest episode culminated in this super-duper Friesian light show:

Naturally, the internet has already provided us with plenty of hilarious commentary — a few of our favorite comments via Facebook:

“It looks they’re wearing their fancy pants.

“I’m surprised they’re not scared of each other.”

Shine on, you crazy Friesian folks. We can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

Go riding.

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