A Friesian in a Giant Bubble

Alternate Title: “The Most Friesian Thing I’ve Ever Seen a Friesian Do.”

Horse Nation Friesian Bubble

The Friesian Stallion Inspection was held last weekend in The Netherlands, and what started as a simple inspection for owners has over time evolved into the country’s largest indoor horse spectacle of the year. I mean this from a place of love and respect, but knowing Friesian people, there is absolutely nothing surprising about this. Friesian people be crazy about showing off their Friesians. It’s rooted deep in their DNA, and Horse Nation is okay with that.

The show stopper was this awe-inspiring bargain with the devil by rider Esther Liano, who rode her stallionĀ Pattaconk’s Pluto in a giant bubble amidst dancers adorned in white and soft billowy piano music wafting through the arena. It would be such a tranquil and perhaps moving experience if I weren’t watching awaiting sudden and certain death for all involved (other alternate title for this article: “Friesian Stallion Bulldozes Dozens of Unsuspecting Dancers in Runaway Bubble Incident”).

This is good stuff, Friesian People. If you up your game with a Friesian Bubble Pas de Deux next year, rest assured that Horse Nation will be HAPPY to share it.

Go Riding.


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