Thursday Video: A #TwoHearts Holiday Greeting

The FEI’s holiday greeting video reminds us that #TwoHearts are better than one!

This past spring, the Fédéderation Equestre Internationale (FEI), the governing body of equestrian sport internationally, launched its #TwoHearts campaign: seeking to boost attention to equestrian sports in the Olympic Games, #TwoHearts reminded the world that with equestrian sport, it’s not just about the man or woman sitting up there holding the reins — it’s a partnership, with two entities coming together to form something greater.

While the Games are over and the horses and riders are long gone from Rio, the spirit of #TwoHearts lives on. And it’s not just about world-class partnerships at the top of the international competitive world either: this video illustrates in a heart warming way.

Two hearts, one goal. Go hug your horses this holiday season!

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