The FEI’s New Rio Olympics #TwoHearts Video is Everything

The FEI kicked off its largest-ever global campaign to promote equestrian sport at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games: introducing #TwoHearts, a celebration of the partnership between horse and rider.

The brand-new FEI Olympic publicity campaign takes a new approach to equestrian sport that’s simultaneously a concept as old as the partnership between horse and rider: two hearts of two athletes, beating as one for one common goal.

The partnership between the human rider and the horse is built on trust and that unique brand of nonverbal communication with which we as riders are all familiar, yet often appears effortless or even nonexistent to the untrained eye. The FEI seeks to spotlight this bond in a way that the non-equestrian Olympic fan can respect and admire; the #TwoHearts campaign aims to build an interest in equestrian sports among those who might not already be fans.

Watch the introductory video to the #TwoHearts campaign: if this doesn’t give you butterflies, check your pulse.

This video also briefly highlights the other unique aspect of equestrian sport — it’s the only Olympic sport in which men and women compete against each other.

The FEI intends to continue producing social media content celebrating the #TwoHearts connection between horse and rider over the next few months prior to the 2016 Olympic Games to be held in Rio. Keep it locked on Horse Nation for future releases!

What do you think, Horse Nation? Do you think the #TwoHearts campaign will help bring new fans to our sport? Share your thoughts in the comments section, and go riding!

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