World Equestrian Brands Drone Cam: Skijoring

Watch this wild winter sport like you’ve never seen it before — from the skies!

Skijoring is rapidly growing in popularity, especially in the Rocky Mountains of the United States where many resort towns host skijoring competitions all winter long. The activity calls for a horse and rider to draw a skier or snowboarder; the competition requires the skier to turn around markers, collect hanging rings or navigate over jumps.

But for most of us, skijoring can be a fun way for riders and non-riders to enjoy what winter has to offer together! Watch this drone footage from the Patataj Horse Riding School of Warsaw, Poland as riders and winter sport enthusiasts come together on a beautifully-groomed flat to horse around.

There are many forms of skijoring, from the horse-and-rider drawing the skier model seen in this video to a kind of harness-racing variety in which the skier is the sole guide for the horse. Need more skijoring in your life? Here’s a sampling of our past Horse Nation coverage, from the wild sports out west to the annual snowy race meet in St. Moritz, Switzerand (also home to the world-famous snow polo).

Go winter. Go skijoring. Go riding!

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