Thursday Video: Another Mannequin Challenge

Because equestrian team mannequin challenges STILL aren’t getting old… here’s another from Bridgewater College!

We’ve seen a few good #MannequinChallenge videos in the past month or so since the phenomenon went viral, but our favorites by far are the ones that involve horses. Not only does the creativity and effort of the video creators always come through loud and clear where horses are concerned, but the ability of the horses to stand that still while humans freeze in suspicious poses around them and other humans dart madly by with a camera is a testament to the training and good nature of these patient animals!

This morning’s Mannequin Challenge video comes from Bridgewater College of Bridgewater, Virginia, which fills rosters on an Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association (IHSA) team, an Intercollegiate Dressage Association (IDA) team, club riders and an event team — phew! That many disciplines coming together makes for quite a video:

Amelia Bayer, who filmed the video, writes: “The Bridgewater College Equestrian Club decided to take on the Mannequin Challenge by combining our efforts of the club, IHSA team, IDA team, and event team. Starting in our school horse barn and ending in the indoor, take a mini-tour of our facilities. Some of our horses need some more practice, but overall we had a great time. Even one of our barn cats, Bandit, got in on the action. The biggest mess-up was when Finley, one of our school horses, decided he wanted more attention and nipped my arm causing me to yell out and ruin the shot. The Mannequin Challenge was a great way for the teams, coaches, and barn staff to come together. BC Soar!”

We tip our helmets to you, equestrians of Bridgewater College! Go riding!

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