Product Review: ThermoPeanut

Seriously, that’s what it’s called.

Photo (c) Sense

Photo (c) Sense

Introducing the humorously named, and oddly cute, ThermoPeanut.

The ThermoPeanut is one of a few nifty smart sensors made by Sense. These sensors connect wirelessly to your phone (Android or iPhone) using Bluetooth and their companion app, SensePeanut, to transmit various types of data. As you might guess, the ThermoPeanut transmits temperature.

Spec wise, The ThermoPeanut is quite small — a mere 1.77 inches tall, .98 inches wide, and only .19 of an inch thick– and easily attaches to a variety of surfaces via the included multipurpose clip, key ring, self-adhesive tape, or  sticky putty. It also boasts a battery lifespan of up to 6 months, works within -5° to +140° F / -20° to +60° C, can send you alerts when the temperature gets beyond or below a specified range, and has a 200 foot Bluetooth range. And perhaps equally as thrilling is the fact that it comes in a variety of colors!

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How cute are those? Photo (c) Sense

Getting started with my ThermoPeanut was pretty quick and painless. It was quite easy to setup and sync with my Android phone following the included instructions. I was also amused to learn that the app can be used with multiple ThermoPeanuts (which you can name or label) so you can track the temperature in various locations accurately. For the first few days I simply left the ThermoPeanut in my office to gather data so I could play with the app. The temperature measurements seemed quite accurate and my phone easily and reliably connected with the ThermoPeanut.

My green thermoPeanut collecting dust with so many other things in my life. Photo (c) Morgane S. Gabriel

My green thermoPeanut collecting dust with so many other things in my life. Photo (c) Morgane S. Gabriel

After my initial testing I took the ThermoPeanut out to the barn and used the included sticky putty to attach it in the barn. I found that it was super useful for not only informing my incessant complaining about how cold it is, but also for checking the actual temperature in the barn at night so that I could make better blanketing choices (instead of my default which is to layer each horse with three heavy blankets to ensure they won’t freeze). It also seems to be doing an excellent job of staying put on the wall despite the dust and dirt inherent in the barn.

Though I have yet to do it, one super cool feature of the ThermoPeanut is that it can be used with an iPad or tablet as a docking station so that you can check it wirelessly or get alerts from it when you’re out of the Bluetooth range. This would enable you to check the temperature whenever away. (As nifty as this would be, I’ve yet to find a tablet I want to sacrifice to living in the barn.)

Also, for those of you who are super tech savvy, the ThermoPeanut is compatible with the IFTT platform and a ton of other smart devices (these are devices that can talk to your ThermoPeanut and be triggered to respond– such as a light or an outlet coming on at a specified temperature). This last part really intrigued The Husband, who has spent the better part of the last year wiring our house to do random things automatically, so he has decided he may steal the ThermoPeanut to do his own testing.

Although my use of the ThermoPeanut has so far mostly been to help with blanketing and accurately describing how miserably cold it is, a few other great equestrian uses for the ThermoPeanut include:

  • Determining the temp in the feed room or fridge to keep meds and/or supplements within the require range (an alarm could be set for this).
  • Monitoring the temperature within the barn for foaling.
  • Monitoring the temperature and kicking on water heaters as needed (with the use of a smart plug).
  • Alerting you when the temperature has gotten within an appropriate range to actually venture outside to ride (ok, maybe only weenie Floridians like myself need this).
  • Tracking the temperature inside your trailer while you’re hauling.

Ultimately, this is a fun little device that could be used in a variety of ways (especially if you’re tech savvy). The ThermoPeanut can be ordered on their website for $29 plus shipping.

For more information on their various products, how to best use them, and their company, visit their webpage.

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Morgane Schmidt Gabriel is a 33-year-old teacher/artist/dressage trainer/show announcer/ who still hasn’t quite decided what she wants to be when she grows up. A native Floridian, she now lives in Reno, NV, where she’s been able to confirm her suspicion that snow is utterly worthless. Though she has run the gamut of equestrian disciplines, her favorite is dressage. She was recently able to complete her USDF bronze and silver medals and is currently working on her gold. Generally speaking her life is largely ruled by Woody, a 14.2 hand beastly quarter horse, Willie, a now gawky 5-year-old Dutch gelding, and Stormy, her friend’s nearly all white paint gelding with a penchant for finding every mud hole and pee spot in existence. Visit her website at

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