#NoStirrupNovember Week 2: Pain Is Temporary

Are you still in?

The world turns, November churns on, and equestrians everywhere are adjusting to life without their stirrups (at least for this month). But where last week’s social media roundup included overtones of nerves, resignation and even fear of trying to walk the next day, this week there’s more of a hopeful feeling. We’re starting to see results. Those goals we set on November 1 maybe don’t seem so far away now.

New to No-Stirrup November? It’s never too late to join: check out our handy guide to getting started! (And if you want a chance to win big for your efforts, don’t miss our No-Stirrup November contest with Goode Rider.)

#nostirrupnovember ?

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Grayson and Ben showing us anyone can participate in #nostirrupnovember ??

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Anyone else agree? Sometimes those stairs can look like a mountain after a ride… #NoStirrupNovember #CanadianHorseJournal

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All cross-rails are no stirrups #nostirrupnovember – – – He was great yesterday, also rode my other fav boy elfy today

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