10 Reasons Having Horses Is Like An Election Year (But Better)

Our one and only political post of the year.
Original photo Flickr/ceiling/CC

Original photo Flickr/ceiling/CC

1. Our social newsfeeds are full of posts all about it.

And every time we roll our eyes thinking “oh great, another political post” another friend somewhere is rolling their eyes thinking “oh great, another horse post.”

2. Everyone is just talking about the same things over and over.

Blah blah blah, immigration, blah blah blah, foreign trade deal, blah blah blah, guns. Or, blah blah blah, new brand of supplement, blah blah blah, jumping a jump, blah blah blah, I love my horse.

3. Health insurance is a big topic.

Everyone needs it, especially if you like to ride green horses. Or, you know, horses at all.

4. Everyone is dressed in ridiculous costumes.

You call it “power suit,” I call it “Tailored Sportsman.”

5. Everyone talks crap.

“Liar!” “Womanizer!” “My horse pooped enough for 10 horses when I trailered her down the street!”

6. We’re all invested in who wins.

Who’s going to run the country? Who’s going to win the Kentucky Derby because I placed a giant bet?

7. We’ve got lots of reasons to drink.

Politicians. And of course, sick/naughty/accident-prone horses.

8. It’s all over our bumper stickers.

“Vote for Whoever!” “I’d Rather Be Riding!”

9. Once in a while everyone make a fool out of themselves at the wrong time.

For some, it’s on the podium. For others, it’s in the show ring.

10. At the end of the day, all it comes down to is money.

Where we’re going to spend it, how we’re going to spend it, and who’s going to get more of it. Forget health insurance, tax breaks or building a wall — we’re talking show entry fees, tack shop sprees and farrier bills.

Horses in 2016! Go riding!

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