SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Ask a Non-Rider, Sleazy Sleepwear Part II

Non-rider SmartPakers say the darnedest things… this edition of “Ask a Non-Rider” may be one of our favorites. Watch the non-riding employees at SmartPak try to figure out what Sleazy Sleepwear is for.

How many times have you brought a non-riding friend, family member or significant other to the barn or horse show and asked them to identify some random equestrian objects? We know we’ve all done it… but our friends at SmartPak are recording these moments for entertainment’s sake, and the results are pretty hilarious.

The non-riding employees at SmartPak are a patient bunch of folks, and we wholeheartedly applaud their willingness to participate in this video series. We also absolutely love the side-splitting suggestions they come up when faced with a Sleazy Sleepwear hood for horses. SmartPak already showed us Part I of this particular adventure, but we think they may have outdone even themselves with Part II:

“I kinda feel bad for the horses… they don’t have a choice in what they wear for pajamas.” Valid concern, my friend.

Need more “Ask a Non-Rider” in your life? Click here to open SmartPak’s full YouTube playlist for the series.

Go SmartPak, and go riding!

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