SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Ask a Non-Rider, Sleazy Sleepwear Edition

SmartPak’s done it again with a brand-new video series idea that we can all relate to: “Ask a Non-Rider,” in which the non-equestrian staff at SP are asked to identify certain equine products.

We know we’ve all done this once or twice with our non-riding friends and family: you hand them a random object from the tack room and try to make them identify what it is and what it does. (My personal favorite? Skid boots, as used in reining.)

SmartPak, living through this hilarious insanity on a near-daily basis anyway with its mix of riders and non-riders in headquarters, created a brand-new video series: “Ask a Non-Rider.” Here’s our favorite video so far, in which non-riders from the SmartPak staff are asked to identify an equine hood by Sleazy Sleepwear.

As usual, SmartPak’s hit on some real comedy gold here. “It’s for … horse yoga.”

Go SmartPak, and go riding!

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