World Equestrian Brands Drone Cam: Denmark Iceys

All that mane and tail on the Icelandic horse has never blown more dramatically in slow motion.

Whether it’s thanks to the Vikings bringing the gaited horse gene to various parts of the world (no, really — check it out) or the Icelandic horse’s natural hardiness that makes him a great fit for the Nordic countries, it does appear that the plucky Icelandic is a feature across Scandinavia, tölting his way into the hearts of many.

And if I too were riding around the rugged coastline of Denmark, a country particularly noted for its gray, cold weather (although luckily these riders found a nice, sunny afternoon), I think I’d probably choose an Icelandic horse too — especially after watching this drone video, which combines epic sweeping pans of the Danish coast and flinty hills with all the high-speed beach tölting your horsey heart can handle.

Sigh. These Wednesday morning drone cams/helmet cams ALWAYS give me more places for my equestrian bucket list. I’ll just pencil “Icelandic horse on Danish beach” in at the bottom. How about you?

Go riding!

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