10 Reasons Horse People Love to Love Cracker Barrel

The friend of long-distance haulers and horse people.



It’s no surprise, Cracker Barrel is a much loved favorite of horse people. If the friendly staff, delicious meals, cute decor and rocking chairs aren’t enough for you, here are 10 reasons horse people love to love Cracker Barrel:

1. Location. Almost every Cracker Barrel is located near a major interstate, which means ease of navigating which comes in handy when you’re pulling a big rig. Not only that, they always seem to be near a gas station (that has a diesel pump), so you can refuel both yourself and your rig in one stop.

2.Parking. There is always enough parking for everyone and all Cracker Barrels have an oversized parking lot, perfect for our big rigs!

3. Cheap, hot food. This is a major plus, since most horse people are horse poor. (But don’t forget to tip your server 20% for a job well done.)

4. Speedy service. Even if there is a line out the door, the wait is barely ever more than a couple of minutes. Once you’re seated, service is speedy, which is a major plus if you have impatient ponies waiting for you.

5. Cuteness overload. Have you ever looked on their walls? Every single Cracker Barrel is different, too.

6. The gift shop attached to the restaurant. Perfect when you need to buy a gift for a special someone in your life (like the person feeding your cats and watering your plants back at home while you drive across the country). Not only can you find lots of horsey decor there, there is a boat load of candy options to satisfy anyone’s sweet-tooth.

7. They never complain about your smell. You may reek of manure and pee shavings, with a hint of thrush and horse drool, but no one complains! (Well, they may complain, but at least it will be behind your back.)

8. Biscuits and apple butter. Not only are they delicious, they also make a tasty treat for your horse (we’re not sure of the nutritional content, but horses and mules seem to love it back at the trailer).

9. Hot coffee. Horse people live off of coffee, especially horse people on the road. Not only is their coffee always hot, they are always right there to top you off without you having to wait. They also offer to get you a to-go cup so you can take it with you on the highway!

10. Clean bathrooms. Perfect for washing the manure under your nails and picking the hay out of your hair before you sit down to a delicious meal.

‘Fess up, Horse Nation: what’s your favorite roadside stop when you’re putting in long miles with the truck and trailer? Let us know in the comments section!

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