Thursday Video: More Horse & Dog Trail

This horse show class originating in Germany is always a treat to watch when it’s done well, like this trio!

Just about a year ago, the total awesome that was horse and dog trail first popped up on the Horse Nation radar from Germany, and if social media is any indicator (and it usually is) the class has really taken off in the past year. (It appears that perhaps some shows in the US are giving it a shot as well!)

Here’s another masterful performance from Germany: the concept of the class is pretty simple in that the horse and rider must complete a trail pattern with the addition of a faithful pooch, who also has a few obstacles and commands of his own to perform. This isn’t just a rolicking trail ride with the hound jogging alongside, perhaps occasionally stopping to smell something interesting or roll in something nasty — this is a legitimate test of the dog’s obedience as well as the horse’s ability to navigate obstacles.

Watch this outstanding trio show us how it’s done:

Well, I’m impressed. If this were my dog, she’d be alternately running to try to sit in the judges’ laps, smelling any manure that might be in the arena from previous contestants and leaping over all of the poles totally out of order. And let’s not even get started on how my horse would fare.

Have you ever tried this class at a local show? Tell us about it in the comments section!

Go dogs, go horses, and go riding!

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