Frederik, World’s Handsomest Horse, Totally Slays on ‘Late Show with Stephen Colbert’

And yes, he did go right into the studio. Watch the clip — and learn more about this weekend’s upcoming Rolex Central Park Horse Show, at which Frederik will be special guest.

Frederik, a Friesian Stallion who we have mentioned here before on Horse Nation, made some legit waves as the final guest Monday night on Late Night with Stephen Colbert. Earlier this year, The Daily Mail declared him the world’s handsomest horse, and for whatever reason, the news reels went totally nuts for it. (Not that we’re complaining.)

Frederick is in New York City as part of the Rolex Central Park Horse Show special events, and he was able to swing by the Ed Sullivan theater to look awesome, promote the show, and be the subject of a slew of highly questionable jokes.

Bring your pet to work day @colbertlateshow ?#FrederikTheGreat #thathairtho

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(If you’re a Chris Pratt fan — and you should be — we also highly suggest the first three minutes of this interview in which he and Stephen are pretty much just talking about leaving their wives for a horse.)

Frederik’s handsomest-horse-in-the-world magnetism was strong over Colbert…

And the interview itself was actually pretty marvelous, as Frederick’s owner held her own as she succinctly explained about 800 years worth of Friesian breed history, life as a stud horse, and plugging the Central Park Horse Show — while trying to keep a clearly nervous but still very polite Frederik in hand.

Frederick is just one incredible guest of the Central Park Horse Show, which will feature Grand Prix show jumping and dressage, several Arabian halter and under-saddle classes, special guests like Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro, and plenty of other random special entertainers of the equine variety. You can learn more about the Central Park Horse Show at the show’s website.

Go Frederik, and go riding!

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