A Lament for ‘Trusty Rusty’

If you’ve ever owned a truck to haul your feed or pull your trailer, you’ll understand the emotional struggle of Maria Wachter’s lament.

Photo by Maria Wachter.

Photo by Maria Wachter.

I bought a truck and just my luck,
It’s full of rust and a little dust.

The dealer said it wasn’t that bad,
but I shipped it here and it made me sad.

I drove down the road, and lo and behold,
when I pressed the brakes, I shouted “for God’s sakes!”

The truck barely slowed, and there wasn’t even a load.
I feared an earthquake, but it was just the truck’s shake.

My guy fixed the brakes and the truck stopped fine …
just in time for the shocks to break on my dime.

$12k into a truck that I bought to save a buck.
It has the “million mile” 12-valve engine … but unfortunately that’s where the fun ends.

The rest of the truck falls apart every week
and my savings account dwindles every time I go peek.

So here I am stuck with a truck — no one will buy, no matter how hard I try.
If it was a horse, I’d call it buyers remorse.
But since it’s a truck, I call it just bad luck.

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