Tuesday Video: Dujardin and Valegro Like Never Before

… and the likes of which we kind of hope we never see again.

If you thought the FEI “Hoofloose” video was the stuff that night terrors are made of, then the latest weirdness from the world governing body of equestrian sport will definitely be right up your alley. Perhaps in yet another well-intentioned but totally misguided effort to reach out to new young folks, the FEI created an interactive video in which you can watch the exquisite two-time Olympic gold medalists Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro perform through a variety of musical styles.

In theory, this doesn’t sound too bad. After all, that’s a game we like to play ourselves (see “Kur Anything” or take our quiz “What’s Your Dressage Freestyle Jam?“) But we’d like to think we screen our musical choices a little more carefully … and we certainly don’t feel the need to give Charlotte and Valegro a Super Mario Bros. makeover either.

Horse Nation, feast your eyes. (Warning: if you are sensitive to strobe effects, you may wish to skip this video.)

FEI, go home. You’re drunk.

Go riding!

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