Kur Anything: How to Make Your Own Freestyle

For all those times you hear a song on the radio and think “if only I had a Grand Prix horse to ride to this,” Kristen Kovatch has your solution.

Top photo: Wikimedia Commons

Let’s face it–most of us will probably never get the chance to ride a Grand Prix dressage freestyle at the WEG. For the most part, I’ve come to terms with this truth, except for the growing awareness that no one will ever be able to match a horse to song like me and my laptop. Until Charlotte Dujardin calls me up on a Friday night to see if I’d like to hop on Valegro for a spin at the local show, playing around on YouTube will have to suffice.

Therefore I share with you today my new favorite pastime, Kur Anything. The rules are simple: start the first video, mute it, and then at the designated time start the second video. For maximum enjoyment, full-screen the first video, sit back, and enjoy.

Disclaimer: Alas, few pop songs last as long as a dressage test. Feel free to experiment with the second half of each test and share your personal favorite combinations.

Pairing 1: Edward Gal and Totilas to C2C “Down the Road” (Start music at 0:31 into test)

Pairing 2: Andreas Helgstrand and Blue Hors Matine to Phillip Phillips “Raging Fire” (Start music at 0:20 into test)

Pairing 3: Juan Manuel Manos Diaz and Fuego XII to Lil Jon “Turn Down for What” (Start music at 0:40 into test)

Go Riding!


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