SpectraVET Perf. of the Week: Dublin Arena Hunt Chase

This is why the Irish drink so much. You’re pretty much in a constant state of needing liquid courage.

The Dublin Horse Show should be the standard against which all other horse shows are held. It’s beautiful, the crowds are raucous, they hold almost more novelty events than regular classes, and, you know, it’s in Ireland. So of course it’s spectacular.

One of my favorite novelty events is the Diageo Hunt Race. The event pits actual historic (sometimes centuries-old) foxhunting clubs against each other in a tandem relay race over hunt-like obstacles in the grandstand arena. The teams participate in smaller league events all season in order to qualify for the main event at the Dublin Horse Show. (Incidentally, whips and spurs are not permitted in this event — it’s all horse heart and rider skill!)

The riders must pass a hunting horn from person to person to complete the relay. Each team must include someone 35 or older, a lady rider, a hunt official, and a “heavy weight male” (if you don’t have a heavy-set male, you can add weighted plates to the rider.)

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It’s an incredibly storied event full of thrills and exciting obstacles. How they manage all this while putting on a few dozen Grand Prix classes in the same arena is beyond my expertise! This year the Killinicks beat the Kildare Foxhounds to win the season trophy and €2,230 in prize money, as well as Horse Nation’s Salute of Insanity.

You can learn more about the Hunt Chase at the Dublin Horse Show’s Website. And if you love anything and everything jumping related, be sure you swing by our sister site, Jumper Nation, which has been featuring events from Dublin all week in addition to shows in the U.S., Canada, and beyond. (They once even featured a five-star show in Shanghai, because Jumper Nation be crazy, yo.)

Go Riding!

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