Cheers, Horse Nation: The Wine List

Here are 10 horse-themed wines for your next dinner party!

The aftermath of a long dinner party with some equestrian friends. Photo by Kristen Kovatch.

The aftermath of a long dinner party with some equestrian friends. Photo by Kristen Kovatch.

Equestrians and wine go hand-in-hoof: Wine Wednesdays are becoming increasingly common at some barns (can YOU ride a small jump without spilling a drop?) Nothing is more satisfying after a horse show than a glass of wine, and on those rare occasions that you can get the barn gang together away from the stable everyone enjoys a glass. Here are 10 horsey wines to bring along on your next long trail ride, horse show or dinner party. (Click here for our beer list if that’s more your style!)

Paint Horse Sonoma Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, Paint Horse Winery. Paint/pinto people, you’ll love this for the bottle alone, featuring a beautiful Paint gracing the label. Paint Horse Winery itself includes both vines and horses, of course.

Wild Horse Unbridled Chardonnay, Wild Horse Winery. Named in honor of the feral horses that roamed the hills near the vineyard, Wild Horse produces a number of equine-themed wines (including “Cheval Sauvage” in addition to the “Unbridled” series).

Latigo, Hawk and Horse Vineyards. Okay, confession: I might buy wine based on the name and the label about 90% of the time because I basically have no idea what I’m looking at — so this dessert wine, named after part of the western saddle and emblazoned with the super-cool vineyard logo of a galloping horse beneath a hawk in flight is definitely going to grab my attention.

The Reserve Merlot, 14 Hands Winery. The Reserve series is sourced exclusively from a region in Washington known as the Horse Heaven Hills. Sign us up! The entire winery is named after the plucky little feral horses that lived in the hills surrounding the winemaking region.

Trail Boss Cabernet Sauvignon, Purple Cowboy Wines. A bold red wine for bold cowboys and cowgirls … with the added benefit that for every bottle sold, Purple Cowboy makes a donation to Tough Enough to Wear Pink in support of individuals and families affected by breast cancer. Drinking wine for a cause? Who can say no to that?

Thoroughbred Red, Chateau St. Croix. As described by its maker, “similar to a Thoroughbred: proud, strong, and yet graceful.” While Wisconsin is not known perhaps as a hotbed for either Thoroughbreds or wine, we’re sure there are plenty of local fans.

The Tribe Vineyard Syrah, Horsepower Vineyards. This winery is proud to use only actual horsepower among the vines, with all of its cultivation and other maintenance performed thanks to a Belgian team named Red and Zeppo. Talk about serious horse-themed wines!

Barn Red, Saddlehorn Winery. With an informal feel, I’m getting a good put-this-in-your-saddlebag vibe from this winery: maybe a good bottle to bring along for a barn cookout or a picnic ride!

Hunt Country Chardonnay, Hunt Country Vineyards. One for the foxhunting set, or maybe just the post-horse-show dinner set.

Mirage, Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard. A Bordeaux-style red blend, the profits from sales of this and a few other varieties go directly to Baiting Hollow Farm’s horse rescue and sanctuary. Sounds like a win-win!

Cheers, Horse Nation — enjoy responsibly. Do you have a favorite horsey wine not on the list? Share your picks in the comments section!

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