5 Indicators Your Internet Horse Purchase Might Have Been a Bad Call

Buyer beware!

The internet has really revolutionized the commercial marketplace: now, from the comfort of my home, I can purchase almost anything I want and have it delivered right to my doorstep, from takeout to tack. There are, however, a few things that are best purchased in person — such as, say, living animals like horses. Here are a few indicators that the horse you bought sight-unseen might have been a poor investment.

Disclaimer: we’re sure there are success stories about your sight-unseen horse purchases, and we want to hear all about them in the comments section! This, however, is a tongue-in-cheek list.

1. You buy a “proven” stallion to find out the following:

  • He has no interest in the opposite sex.
  • He’s gelded.
  • You look at his paper and find out he’s more inbred than your hick cousin who lives in the woods somewhere with his mom and dad, who are also brother and sister.


2. You look in your horse’s mouth and find out he’s approximately 30 years old, not 10 years old.


3. Your horse arrives about the same time the drugs are wearing off, and you find that your “babysitter” horse takes baby sitting a little too literally.

grandma horse

4. The horse looked good under saddle in the ad … but you realize why there were no pictures of the horse untacked. He’s so ribby you can’t tell if you bought a horse, or left your laundry to dry on a picket fence.

judge judy

5. You buy a horse with rare pale eyes to find out they’re white because he’s blind as a bat.


Go riding!

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