CBC’s ‘Heartland’ Star, Amber Marshall, Is My Dream Girl

Move over Kaley Cuoco, because Amber Marshall is living that #farmlife and I’m #fangirling.
Photo Courtesy Amber Marshall.

Photo courtesy Amber Marshall via press release. Used with permission.

After loving the show Heartland for years — and reviewing it several times as seen here and here — I was given the amazing opportunity to interview its star, Amber Marshall. Amber was actually my very first interview for Horse Nation way back in 2013. Since then I have never stopped loving the show or the actress, especially now that she is constantly bombarding my social media with idyllic scenes from her real life farm.

She shows horses working:

From Amber Marshall’s website, “My husband Shawn decided it was time to get another horse. He grew up in a Rodeo family and has had horses all his life. When he moved out west to be with me he left rodeo behind. Now that he has started Team Roping again he thought he better get a horse of his own. Nitro is out of High Brow Cat; a famous cutting horse, and is very cowy! Because of Nitro’s petite size, Shawn will be mostly using him as a Heel Horse for team roping… But that doesn’t stop me from taking a few cutting lessons on him!”

“Cash was only 2 months old when he and his mom came to board with me for the summer of 2009. I instantly fell in love with this easy going buckskin. He is all grown up now and we continue to have many adventures together!” ~ Amber Marshall


She shows her #horsehusband:

Mouzer was on Heartland, portraying a kitten in Amy’s coat. Amy describes him as, “Mouzer is our house cat. He loves to cuddle at night and will take up most of the bed.”

She loves her barn dogs and cats:

Remi and Gilman are well known to Heartland fans. Remi plays Georgie’s dog and Gilman plays the cat seen often in the vet clinic. China was a rescue dog. “China was a member of a feral dog pack running on a reserve. I adopted her from ‘Pets For Life Rescue’ who found her and sister cowering under an abandon building. Her sister Lucy was also adopted by a family in Calgary,” she says on her website. Turner is another rescue. “I found her one day while we were filming in the town of ‘Turner Valley.’ She was a small kitten in the litter a stray cat had left behind a run down shed. I scooped her out and decided she needed a good home.”

Happy 6th birthday to our Shepherd Remi! #AmbersDogChina #AmbersDogRemi A photo posted by Amber Marshall (@amber_marshall_farm) on


She has arguably the cutest calf on the planet:

Feeling a little Bullish this morning. ??#AmbersJerseyThunder A video posted by Amber Marshall (@amber_marshall_farm) on


And she shows her horses just loving life in general:

Good to be home. ❤️ #AmbersHorseTalon #AmbersHorseScreech A photo posted by Amber Marshall (@amber_marshall_farm) on

These are two of my favorites on Amber’s Instagram. She describes Talon as, “The boss of the herd. He loves to pick on my horse Cash, usually pulling his tail or grabbing his neck and hanging from it. Hawk is his best friend and they are usually side by side.” Screech was brought in as a friend for Talon. “This little palomino is quite the handful! I brought Screech home because I felt like my other miniature horse needed a friend of his own size! Talon and Screech are now the best of friends and I’ve started working with this guy to build his confidence so I can begin to drive him and have kids ride him like I do with Talon.”

The Cash man. #AmbersHorseCash A video posted by Amber Marshall (@amber_marshall_farm) on

Hawk shares a birthday with Amber and had the honor of carrying her down the aisle on her wedding day.

For more fun facts and loads of beautiful pictures, check out Amber Marshall’s website.

When I retire, can I please go live on Amber Marshall’s farm?

Go Riding.

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