New Oral Shedding Paste Coming to Market

Bye-bye, curry combs — this new oral paste promises to make all of that non-stop spring grooming a thing of the past!
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A new pharmaceutical team called Pfazer-Marck has released the exact thing horse people have been looking for.

After years of clinical trails, the first ever instant shedding paste, Cleclothnohair, is available on the market without a prescription.

Administer the paste to your horse on the first day that daytime highs are forecasted to be over 37 degrees. Within 12 hours your horse’s winter coat sheds completely off and you are left with a nice, shiny summer coat. Oils in the paste help build a lustrous glow.

This pill eliminates weeks of manually shedding your horse. It reduces the risk of seasonal-related allergies in humans and leaves clothes clean and hair-free. Now you can wear your favorite fleece sweatshirt without fear of being covered in horse hair!

Cleclothnohair is not recommended for pregnant mares, foals under 6 months, or horses intended for slaughter. In clinical trials no adverse side effects have been reported, besides occasional flatulence in the administering human.

Visit for more information or to order your own supply!

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