Why Yes, This IS a Horse In a Tweed Suit

This is the most British thing we’ve ever seen.

Here’s a fun statistic you can trot out at parties: an estimated 200 miles of tweed are worn annually at the Cheltenham Festival of mid-March in Gloucestershire, England. The Cheltenham Festival is one of the premier events on the jump race calendar, drawing steeplechase fans and partygoers alike. And nothing says “steeplechase” like decking oneself head to toe in tweed.

And don’t worry, readers of Horse Nation: the world’s first tweed suit for a horse has been created, just in time for Cheltenham. Morestead, an Irish-bred steeplechase gelding described as a track veteran, became the world’s first tweed-sporting equine in this video from bookmaker William Hill. Sir Anthony McCoy, a 20-time champion jockey, looks his sharpest as well.

Well, now we’ve seen it all. As opposed to the 200 miles of tweed (which could stretch from Cheltenham to Ireland) Morestead’s suit only required 18 meters of fabric, the finest Harris tweed.

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Go riding!

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