Daily Dose of Hilarious: Draft Horse Sled Rescue

The draft horse rescuing the broken-down snowmobile is pretty cool … but watch all the way to the end, because then it gets hilarious.

While there are many uses for draft horses — farm work, carriage livery, riding, maximum snuggliness and more — perhaps one of their greatest applications is their ability to aid stranded motorists in the winter. This video is a variation on that theme, when this draft horse is hitched up to a broken-down snowmobile in the woods to haul it home.

That in and of itself would be reason enough for a fun video, but watch all the way to the end, because boys will be boys and can’t resist an opportunity to goof off. Good thing karma has a way of getting in the last laugh.

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When the sled breaks down… Frank to the rescue… with some unexpected entertainment.

Posted by Mark Leslie Hamilton on Saturday, February 20, 2016

Oops. I’m sure it will come out in the wash.

Go draft horses! Go riding!

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