Tuesday Video: Texas Gem’s Floppy Ears

This filly doesn’t let her unusual-looking ears slow her down!

This video was originally released in November of 2015, but definitely deserves a second look. Meet Texas Gem, a now-three-year-old Thoroughbred filly with an unusual look about her:

Clearly, her floppy ears aren’t slowing Texas Gem down one bit (though you could perhaps argue that the fold-over can’t be very aerodynamic). She broke her maiden in her first start, and then raced again in December for fifth according to her racing records. As stated in the video, the “floppy ears” developed after surgery for cysts.

We’ve covered “floppy ears” before in our “What the Muck” series — learn more about the painless and harmless condition here!

Go Texas Gem and go riding!

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