2016 Blizzard: The Good, The Bad & the Beautiful

From devoted owners to frolicking snow ponies, here’s all the incredible coverage of the east coast blizzard of 2016.

Despite some heavy snow, power outages, and closed offices, most folks seem to have made it through the biggest storm of the year with all their fingers, toes, and hooves intact. And apparently, the citizens of Horse Nation even had the fortitude to capture the action.

For a lot of east coast horsemen it just meant more shoveling, more layers, and a good attitude to get the regular every day chores done, and this guy in Middleburg, Virginia was no exception.

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Delivering the grain in Middleburg blizzard….the invincible Brryan Brrayan Vidalon true horseman…

Posted by Phil Kiley on Sunday, January 24, 2016


Quite a few folks instagrammed or posted videos of their fur babies frolicking in crazy snow depths, and it’s every bit as magical as it sounds:

Willow playing in 3 feet of snow ❄ #horses #fluffy #snow #blueridgemountains #love

A photo posted by @bessnyc on

And in the best case scenario, the horses weren’t the only ones getting to enjoy the snow day!

  Pony snow day @bethh__taylorr @tess_stranick #winter #snowstorm #winterstormjonas #horses #equestrian #iris #snow   A photo posted by Megan Maeder (@meganvsmind) on

Do you have a story from Winter Storm Jonas to share? Do you know of any barns who needs emergency help? Let us know! Contact the editor at [email protected].

Keep warm out there, and go riding!

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