10 More Ugly Christmas Sweaters: Horse Edition

Your horse, unlike your significant other, can’t protest when you make him wear one.

Why should we humans have all the fun in ugly Christmas sweater season? Pass that joy along to the barn and deck your horse out in one of these so he can celebrate too.

The Elmer Fudd: okay, we have to admit that this blanket is actually pretty cute, but it may also bring out your horse’s inner hipster lumberjack. Or Looney Tunes character.


The Camo, with bonus neck rug. They say camo goes with everything. They may be wrong.

The Santa. Now you can deck your horse out to look like the big man, and then put blinders on him so he can’t see how goofy he looks.

The Tree Skirt. Here’s an idea for some repurposing.

The Grandma. As in, don’t show this to her unless you want an ugly sweater for yourself AND your horse.

The Return of the Grandma. Good thing horses don’t have fingers or you might be receiving a certain gesture.

The Junior. Start ’em young so they can learn to enjoy this torture.

Blinded By the Sight. No further commentary needed.

The Reindeer. “Go clean or there’s gonna be some coal in your stocking.”

The 24/7. This guy gets to rock this blanket all year long.

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