#TBT: Starting Equestrian Drama on Facebook — A How-To Guide

Because no one has strong opinions like horse people.


Facebook: love it or hate it, it’s here to stay.

Most of us in the horse world use Facebook every day: some of us use it almost every waking moment. We use it to sell horses, buy horses, sell tack, buy tack, promote businesses, find businesses, etc. Not only is it a way to stay social with friends and family, it’s also used for a way to make money.

And, of course, if you already didn’t know it, Facebook is also a great source of entertainment and drama. There’s something about the internet that gives all of us the illusion that everyone wants to know our opinion about everything — especially when it wasn’t asked for.

Here are twelve posts guaranteed to start a giant, ugly Facebook debate on your wall or in your favorite horse-loving group. Chances are, you’ve been on one side or the other on some of these debates — we’re not defending or advocating any of these positions, just pointing out the notoriously hot-button issues.

1. A photo of your kid on your horse without a helmet. Even if it is a carousel horse, you better put a helmet on, unless you want child protective services at your door.

2. Asking which is better: barefoot or shod. Seriously, there are Facebook groups set up specifically for people kicked out of Facebook groups about both of these topics.

3. Listing a used saddle for sale that costs more than retail value. We all know a Wintec trail saddle doesn’t cost $750.

4. A long post on how you trained your horse with using only treats. And how this way is the only way.

5. A photo of your horse with an unconventional piece of tack. It doesn’t matter if you’re using it correctly or if your horse needs it to function — plenty of people who have never ridden your horse before are there to tell you that it’s wrong.

6. Anything related to one specific trainer we’re all thinking of and his methods (and patented aids that you absolutely need). It’s all fun and games, until the games aren’t fun.

7. Asking which is better, English or western. It really depends how you look in breeches, but you’ll get all sorts of answers about why one of these disciplines is the only way.

8. Selling a horse labeled “gaited.” One man’s shuffling, slightly-lame trot might be another man’s singlefoot.

9. Asking which bit is best. A long-shanked, LMNOP ring-snaffle-hackamore-bosal, jointed with a bitless apple flavored cavesson, rolled in oats, synthetic, and made in the USA. It doesn’t matter what your individual horse needs, this is the hands-down the best.

10. The b-word. You know … blankets. Do whatever you need to do if it helps you sleep well at night.

11. A photo of your new imported, registered Grand Prix horse. You could have adopted eighteen rescue horses for that amount of money. The fact that you specifically bought it to compete at the Grand Prix level is totally irrelevant.

12. Go-Fund-Me accounts. Of course, you want a horse, but you want others to pay for him. I’m sure no one will object.

Have your own recommendations for good ways to start Facebook drama? Shout out in the comments!

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