World Equestrian Brands Helmet Cam: Driving With Dave Rohrbach

Hop on the driver’s bench with Dave Rohrbach, king of the ‘creative hitch,’ and see what life looks like behind his six gray Percherons!

We’re big fans of Dave Rohrbach and his gray Percherons of Bee Tree Trail in Pennsylvania. Rohrbach pushes the limits of what’s been tested and tried in the draft horse world, making HN headlines for his “suicide hitch” or five-horse tandem, as well as a variety of other creative hitches. And he’s back again today, giving us a driver’s-eye view of his newest project: the New Heritage Farm Max IV Bee Tree Trail Wagonette.

6 up on the Max IV BTT

Posted by David Rohrbach on Thursday, November 26, 2015


Okay, yes. This may look like just another wagon, but there a few notables about this video: if I were to strap a camera to the driver’s seat of our wagon at home and take off across even a relatively smooth field like this one, the video would be a shaky, nausea-inducing found-footage film that none of you would enjoy. The Max IV BTT is designed specifically for driver comfort and visibility over taller horses with excellent suspension, meaning that no matter where it’s pulled the driver and passengers get a smooth ride. It’s comfortable for the horses as well, with a suspended pole, pneumatic tires and a superior turning radius.

Check out the smooth ride from a different perspective:

Max IV BTT Undercarriage

Posted by David Rohrbach on Thursday, November 26, 2015


And of course, because this is Dave Rohrbach we’re talking about, there’s no shortage of showing off just what the Max IV BTT is capable of … like chasing its own tail. Seriously, people, do not try this at home with your conventional fifth wheel. The Max IV is a totally different animal.

Trying to catch my tail can’t get there from here

Posted by David Rohrbach on Thursday, November 5, 2015


Rohrbach worked closely with New Heritage Farm to design this draft-friendly wagonette, which is perfect for shows, parades, wagon rides (it’s very easy to access for both drivers and passengers) and tooling around like a maniac on your own property (or with your draft horses on a marathon course, which Rohrbach has also done).

Dave Rohrbach, you never cease to amaze us. Go driving!

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