#TBT: 12 Nail Art Designs For Equestrians

… if you actually have fingernails left after all those barn chores, anyway.

Sometimes the weather is too chilly, cold, or rainy to go riding (unless you’re a super die-hard rider). If you’re a fair-weather rider, you need something to pass the time on days you don’t ride. Why not paint your nails? Not only do painted nails look super cute, they also hide the dirt and manure that is permanently trapped under your nails.

Here are some ideas:

1. The “Gold Horse Shoes.”

2. The “Idyllic Kincade.”

3. The “Feelin’ the Oats.”

4. The “Kick Up Your Heels.”

5. The “Enter At A.”

6. The “Turn ‘n Burn.”

7. The “Black and White.”

8. The “DIY.”

9. The “Traditional With a Twist.”

10. The “Snaffle Bit.”

11. The “Mad Skills.”

12. The Hoof.

Ever done your own horsey nails? Show us your masterpieces in the comments!

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