Dubarry Tuesday Video: Extreme Trail … Slide?

Out of all of the extreme trail obstacles we’ve ever seen, this one may take the cake.

We love bomb-proof horse videos — like that Grand Prix dressage horses getting wrapped in a giant tarp, or the Clydesdale standing next to the wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube man. But this is taking ultimate trail obstacles to a new level — while we’re not sure if there’s any kind of real-world application for this particular skill, we have to admire the ability of these horses to figure out how to navigate stepping onto a slow-moving sled and going for a little ride. (We’re not entirely sure why one of them is wearing a suit of armor; we’re just gonna let that one pass us by.)

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Hey facebook friends just for kicks…. Could you share the slide video? Like on horse forums and groups with lots of folks too. It has 35,000 views hoping to get 50,000. I’ve posted a few other videos of the slide that didn’t get very many views but for some reason this one did. I guess because Laurie, alona and Terrie have such cool horses. And how many real live knights do you see these days? Renee and Rachel….I must get more views than Bill Richey and spud with the double epic smoke bomb through the mote video, even if mine isn’t nearly as cool….. Bill please post your video on my page I’m sure everyone who hasn’t seen it will want to see it.

Posted by Cindi Pendel on Friday, October 23, 2015


We have to hand it to these horses — pretty sure if I tried this at home with my horse, it would look something like this:

Go riding!

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