10 Signs That Fall Is Upon Us

No calendar necessary.

Ah, fall: the official season of the horse world. Why? Because it’s the only season to be named after a horse-related injury. Here are some ways we can tell fall is upon us, without looking at the calendar:

1. Flies have gone down south for the winter. And by “down south,” we mean to Hell, where they belong.


2. Pumpkin spice everything! Seemingly no equestrian can survive without their pumpkin spice latte in that neat white paper cup … while standing knee-deep in mud and manure. (And it’s not just lattes — here are a few other things that should come in pumpkin spice.)


3. Our horses start to resemble wooly mammoths …

4. … and act like idiots. When the leaves fall off the trees, the brains fall out of the horse.


5. Impaction colic is trending this season. Everybody’s doing it.


6. Fingers and toes start going numb. This is particularly helpful when working with horses who don’t know where their feet are.


7. One word: Halloween. Not only can YOU wear a ridiculous costume, but your horse can as well.


8. No, really, did we mention that we love Halloween?

9. Hunting season is here. Meaning that your horse will be gun-broke, whether you want him to be or not.


10. Daylight hours get shorter. Which is a total, terrible buzzkill.


How do YOU know it’s fall? Share your own equestrian indicators in the comments! Go riding!

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