SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Autumn #ROOTD

Show us what you got!

It’s time for another #ROOTD: that’s “riding outfit of the day” for the hashtag-disinclined. We had a lot of fun sharing our summer riding outfits with you a few months ago, and it’s hard to believe that we’re already halfway through October. Here are a few members of the HN staff and their autumn barn outfits — we’ve included a geographical note as well, as autumn is not the same in every part of Horse Nation.

Here’s one SmartPaker’s autumn riding outfit:

And here are ours!

Kristen: New York state


No, orange is really not our favorite color … but for hunting season, we wear a lot of it. While I’m not generally crashing right through the woods where the hunters are hanging out, it’s never a bad idea to take precautions just in case. Fortunately, most hunting gear is also made to be quite warm — that’s a plus, considering we got our first snow on Saturday.

While my autumn and winter riding outfits are typically just a hot mess of layers on layers on layers, there are many aspects of my outfit that are the same, no matter what season we’re in:

And we’ve added a hand-me-down thick orange jacket for me, a Rambo reflective dog jacket in orange for Sage as she accompanies me on my rides around the farm, and an orange halter modeled by Skip. (I’m in the process of attempting to make my own blaze orange fleece quarter-sheet — if that works out, I’ll share my experience with Horse Nation!)

Oh, and for anyone who’s curious — yes, I got the boots. These are the Justin Women’s Q-Crepe made exclusively for SmartPak. They just arrived last week, and I love them.


Amanda: Texas

ROOTD Autumn

In polo’s more formal season, Amanda stocks up on laundry detergent since everything she wears is white.

Leslie: THE WORLD, as she travels to everywhere for our sister site, Eventing Nation.

In Leslie’s suitcase:

What are YOU wearing to the barn in this transitional season? Post a photo or describe your favorite outfit in the comments section!

Go SmartPak and Go Riding!

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