SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Summer #ROOTD

Show us your riding outfits!

SmartPak’s motto is “we get you because we are you” — the company is comprised of real riders (who probably have real #equestrianproblems just like us) and those riders use and love all of the same equipment that we do. That’s one of the reasons we love the #ROOTD video series: we can snoop on what other riders are wearing and get tips for updating our own equestrian wardrobe!

SmartPak recently released this Riding Outfit of the Day with an eventing theme:

And since we’re also a virtual office full of riders, we decided it was time for us to feature our own riding outfits for the summer! (Unfortunately we don’t have video studios, techno beats or fancy lighting, so you’ll have to put up with our home efforts.) With so many different disciplines represented on the Horse Nation writing staff, we hope you find inspiration for your own #ROOTD!

Kristen: trail/cow horse

Kristen’s outfit:

Amanda: polo

Amanda’s outfit:

Lorraine: eventing/equestrian motherhood

Lorraine’s outfit:

What are YOU rocking to the barn for the end of summer? Post a photo or describe your favorite outfit in the comments section!

Go SmartPak and Go Riding!

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