Barn Hacks: On-the-Road Manure Caddy

Maria Wachter’s life on the road was forever changed when she discovered the simple yet highly effective wheeled laundry basket: she’s here to explain why.


… is a life-changing product. Thanks to my friend Jessica Frausel, my life will never be the same. She showed me this product on one of our horse camping weekends.

This little basket on wheels is just the thing you need to clean out corrals or horse trailers when you’re away from home. It’s super lightweight and can be stored in the smallest of spaces. No more hauling your poo away in bulky wheelbarrows, trying to lift a filled-to-the-brim 18-gallon bucket above your head, or stuffing it into trash bags when you’re at a horse camp. I mean, have you ever even tried to take a manure fork full of poo and put it into a trash bag? It’s a nearly-impossible feat.

The size of this little beast is just big enough to clean out a three-horse trailer after eight hours on the road, but not too big that you won’t be able to lift it up to dump it. Don’t worry about the poo-balls coming out through the vents on the front. The holes are just slightly smaller than the apples.

It’s perfect to use at horse shows, horse camping,  trail heads, or just around the ranch.

At about $13 including tax, it also won’t break the bank. (They also come in sets of three, so you can use a couple in the barn for actual laundry.)

I found mine at Walmart, but you can also find them at Kmart or Target. Don’t worry, they come in other colors if white doesn’t go with your farm scheme.

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