The Brighter Side of Vices

All of those so-called “vices” are really just blessings in disguise.

Let’s look at the brighter side of vices, because — admit it — most horses have at least one. If you can’t fix them, just embrace them.

1. Pulling back.

While pulling back can be dangerous, hurt someone or the horse itself, do damage and break lead ropes and halters… pulling back can also be an asset if you need trees uprooted. No need to call the landscaper to get rid of that annoying, messy mesquite tree when you have good ol’ Sparky to do the work for you.

2. Pawing.

Some horses will try and dig a hole to China when standing tied for any amount of time. Let’s face it, it’s just plain annoying! But let’s look on the brighter side of things: pawing will come in handy if this global warming thing is real. When all the lakes and rivers dry up, your horse will be able to dig to find water to sustain life!

3. Cribbing.

Also known as wind sucking. Cribbing can be annoying and can cause health issues and wear down teeth. But think of the money you will save not getting your horse’s front teeth floated.

4. Wood-chewing.

Nothing ruins a beautiful wood barn faster than a wood-chewing horse. However, since your horse prefers to eat wood over his diet of hay and grain, you will save money on your feed costs.

5. Buddy-sour.

Your horse throws a conniption fit every time he’s more than five feet away from his buddies. The good side to this is that as long as his buddies are with him, he will never run off and leave you, and if his buddies do run off, he’ll be able to find them for you… or without you.

6. Barn-sour.

Your horse is a slug on the way out and a racehorse on the way home. He throws a temper-tantrum every time you want to go for a ride away from the barn.  You don’t ever have to worry about getting lost on the trail, since your horse knows the quickest, most direct route home.

7. Bad loader.

Maybe loading your horse in the trailer is like getting a camel through the eye of a needle? No need to worry about anyone driving up with a trailer to steal your horse. You now can sleep well at night.

8. Spooking.

Your horse spooks at everything and nothing. While a spooky horse is not a relaxing ride, you will become a better rider with a good seat, and probably have a whole new outlook on recycling those plastic bags.

Look on the bright side of your horse’s vices and share with us in the comments! Go riding!

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