SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Columbus Day Sale!

Treat yo’self.

Take advantage of SmartPak’s Columbus Day Sale, with 10% off your entire order! (Some equestrian memberships also qualify you for an additional 5% off, including the AQHA, USEA or USEF.)

In case you need further encouragement, let me tell you my story: I’ve been very good all summer about saving my money, buying only what I needed for the health, safety and happiness of my horses (like new fly masks!) So what if I was wearing the same tops and jeans to the barn that I’d been wearing for years? I buy hard-wearing stuff, anticipating that I’ll almost never replace it to follow fashion.

But then there was the problem of my boots. (If you watched our summer #ROOTD videos, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.)

Yes, you can maybe see through to the lining from the outside. Yes, when I step into a muddy puddle (which around a cattle ranch are much more frequent than I’d love to admit) my socks are instantly soaked. Yes, I’ve had them for six or seven years.

They’re so bad that Lorraine even called me out on them in public:

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 3.31.01 PMAnd then, because good things come to those who wait, the Columbus Day sale happened. And I decided it was time for a treat — a hardworking, wear every-day, investment kind of a treat. It’s no secret that I’ve been coveting the Justin Exclusively for SmartPak boots for a long time …

… so I ordered myself a pair, at long last. Who can beat 10% off, plus an additional 5% just for being a Quarter Horse Association member? Keep an eye out for my review soon!

Don’t wait — browse the SmartPak Columbus Day sale now and treat yo’ self to a little something nice that you deserve!

Go SmartPak, and go riding!

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