World Equestrian Brands Helmet Cam: Shetland ‘Chase

Ok, we won’t lie to you —  most of this video is a close-up of flying mane. Go, Shetlands!

Grab some mane, and bridge up those reins — these ponies are about to blow your socks off. They’re so fast we can’t even get a good still shot for a lead photo — everything is a big gray blur.

GO PONY GO. While this particular race in Melbourne, Australia is not part of the recognized US Pony Racing annual schedule, you can get an idea of what Shetland steeplechasing is all about in this review we shared from the Washington International.

Things we love about this video:

  • That mane. There’s so much of it. How the tiny jockey can see where she’s going is beyond us.
  • The announcer. If this man talked any faster, I think his lips would probably fall off.
  • The victory fist pump. No words.

Go Shetland steeplechasers! Go riding!

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