SpectraVET Performance of the Week: Strip Puissance II

Yep, the bareback strip puissance is back — and because the premise of the competition apparently wasn’t unique enough, Elisa Wallace entered with her mustang Hwin.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 1.39.24 PM

Chattahoochee Hills hosted another strip puissance after the May debut of the event became so wildly popular. And our homegirl Elisa Wallace didn’t pass up the opportunity to enter again, or turn heads in doing so — you might recall her spring efforts on a 14.1 hand pinto pony.

The natural follow-up ride, of course, would be a tamed-from-the-wild mustang, right? Elisa entered last weekend’s Chatt Hills bareback strip puissance aboard none other than Hwin, her partner in the Crowd Favorite-winning performance from the 2015 Mustang Magic competition.

While Elisa and Hwin didn’t win the puissance, they finished a respectable third and called it quits at 4’6″. (Proportionate to Hwin’s height, that’s amazing.) The performing duo added a little flair to their exit:

Special credit to Elisa for wisely layering up for this round.

Go Elisa, go Hwin, go mustangs, go bareback … the list goes on, but ultimately, go riding!

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