#TBT: Cards Against Equestrians: The Horse-Poor Expansion

Because you couldn’t get enough of our equestrian-themed ‘Cards Against Humanity,’ here’s a second round.

If you missed the first round of Equestrian Cards Against Humanity, check out the original post here. The first round was so popular that we got right to work on a second installment, called as per reader suggestion “The Horse-Poor Expansion Pack.”

We’ll kick off today’s collection with more reader submissions, courtesy of Merissa and Jess. (They even printed their own professional-looking cards.) Remember that the black cards are a question or a fill-in-the-blank, and the white cards are the answering nouns. When you mix these in with the regular cards from Cards Against Humanity, the possibilities are endless (and oh-so-uncomfortable.)





Ready for round two? Here are our HN-created black cards with game-original white cards:

attention   being on fire

new trailer   tiny horse

show outfit   boogers

course   tempurpedic

worked wonders   scientology

rolex   m night shyamalan

small fortune   one trillion dollars

three star   lady gaga

horse poor   american dream

And here’s the inverse: the game’s black cards with a few equestrian suggestions filling in:

alternative medicine   leather therapy

get by   ace

party   warmbloods

mr bond   hunter seat

want to die   ponies

just one    craigslist

And we have one special card dedicated to our friend Jamie Jennings from Horses in the Morning, creator of the “Sheath Cleaning Song”:

broadway   sheath cleaning

Yes, your moment has finally come.

Are you a Cards Against Humanity player? Ever written in your own equestrian-themed blank cards? If they’re considered “safe for work,” share them in the comments section!

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