You Might Be A Horse Person If…

Just in case you weren’t sure, use this helpful guide to determine if you are a horse person.

As we know, we horse people are not like “normal” people. We have a certain way about us that doesn’t fit in with the crowd. Just in case you have any doubts, you might be a horse person if any of the following are true:

Your signature scent is Pyrahna No 5.

Oh, so alluring.

You smuggle peppermints home from the restaurant to feed to your horse.


One for me, ten for Fancy. LabyrinthX/Flickr/CC

You don’t want to have kids, because they would interfere with your riding time. But you’ve contemplated having a few, just to help you muck out and stack hay.

Quinn Norton/Flickr/CC

“Susie, when you’re done with stalls, don’t forget to clean the water trough. I’ll be back from my trail ride in a couple of hours.” Quinn Norton/Flickr/CC

In line at the grocery store, you “cluck” at the person in front of you to hurry it up.

Paul Townsend/Flickr/CC

Don’t make me go for the crop. Paul Townsend/Flickr/CC

You say “whoa” when driving in traffic.


Bonus points for drivers who say “gee” and “haw.” Wikispaces.

You’re always covered in horse hair, and you can always find a piece of hay stuck in your bra.

Nic McPhee/Flickr/CC

Hay in my bra, joy in my heart. Nic McPhee/Flickr/CC

Non-horse friends complain that they can smell manure on your boots … but you’re oblivious.

Emily Poisel/Flickr/CC

What do you mean, take my boots off at the door? Emily Poisel/Flickr/CC

Duct tape fixes everything … but so does vet wrap.

Take that, MacGyver.

You can maneuver a 35-foot trailer like you’re driving a clown car.


No parking spot too small. ceiling/Flickr/CC

The only sports you enjoy watching are horse-related.

Five Furlongs/Flickr/CC

Sports teams named with an equestrian theme are also considered. Five Furlongs/Flickr/CC

You’ve suffered at least one broken toe in your life, thanks to a horse stepping on it.

Amanda Slater/Flickr/CC

And you probably went riding anyway. Amanda Slater/Flickr/CC

You and your horse are using the same shampoo.

Five Furlongs/Flickr/CC

It’s cheaper to buy it in bulk anyway. Five Furlongs/Flickr/CC

“You must have been born in a barn!” is a compliment.

B Garrett/Flickr/CC

Home sweet home. B Garrett/Flickr/CC

What would you add to the list? Shout-out in the comments! Go riding!

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