Dubarry Tuesday Video: World Champion Mule

This mule is ready to blow all your preconceptions about the animal right out of the water.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 11.51.33 AM

Mules have been proving that they can do anything a horse can do (and some might even argue that they can do it better.) Our story about Heart B Dyna, the first mule to ever qualify for the US Dressage Finals, showcased a mule in the minority flying in the face of tradition. While we always love a good underdog story, we’re also loving this video from the 2015 Bishop Mule Days, an all-mule show and celebration held annually in Bishop, California over Memorial Day weekend.

Check out Sarah Stephens and “C More Leg,” known as Lizzie, rocking a hunter round, hunter under saddle and more, in a display of athleticism and versatility that would make any normal horse green with envy. They won the Amateur All-Around title at the 2015 Bishop Mule Days.

Originally held as an informal kickoff to the summer packing season in the Sierra Nevada mountains, packers and guides gathered to test their skills with their mule strings. The event has now developed into a five-day mule show with just about every class imaginable, showcasing the mule’s athletic abilities in everything from the hunters to working cattle to driving (with plenty of classes for the “original” purpose, the mule as pack animal.)

Go mules!

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