Watch Kaley Cuoco Jump This Giant Gymnastic Like a Boss

Can we have your position, please?

Shoe-shopping, partying and yacht vacays … puh-lease. Actress Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting has better things to do with her time. The Big Bang Theory actress is an avid equestrian — we’ve chronicled her horsey adventures here on HN before:

And like any good horse girl, Kaley is constantly posting photos and videos of her horses — she owns five — on Instagram (@normancook).

My little ⭐star! Ok he’s kinda a big star… #thormaster #jumpers #showjumping

A photo posted by @normancook on

Yeah, girl can ride a little. One thing we love about Kaley, though, is that she understands that you can’t just “buy your way to the top” with horses. To get that perfect position and those blue ribbons (see photos above) there’s no substitute for hours of practice, practice and more practice.

And for a show jumper, that means a lifetime supply of gymnastic lines. Jumping through gymnastics not only improves your horse’s form over jumps, but your own as well. For Kaley, it seems to be paying off! #thatlowerlegtho

This stud still knows his job quite well … #santos #firstlove #jumpers #foreverpet A video posted by @normancook on

Get it, girl.

Celebrities seem like they exist in a different galaxy sometimes, but horses are the best levelers — which probably explains Kuoco’s loveable down-to-earth personality. I mean, who can’t relate to this?

Horse girls will be horse girls. And Kaley is one of our own.

Loving on my love #santos

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Go Kaley, and Go Riding!

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