7 More Things That Come Home With You from the Barn

Hey, what’s that in your pocket?

Turns out, there’s even more barn stuff that magically turns up in your pockets (or on your head!) at home. Here’s a second list based on your suggestions!

(If you missed part I, check it out here!)

1. Peppermint wrappers.

Someone needs to invent peppermints that come without wrappers but don’t stick together, because our cars/houses/pockets are full of these tiny bits of plastic wrap.

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

2. Hair nets.

Nothing is more likely to make you think you’ve put your hand in a cobweb than reaching into your pocket for something and coming out with this stuck to your fingers.

3. The lone glove.

Somewhere out there is a beautiful land where the missing gloves and the partner-less tall boot socks are frolicking together. Where do the other gloves go? We have no idea, but it’s almost a guarantee that right now one of your barn coats has just one glove in its pocket.



4. Used (or sometimes loaded) syringes.

They do say that horses are just as addictive as drugs and twice as expensive… but it’s still hard to talk your way out of this one when someone finds it in your pocket/purse/cup holder.

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

5. Your helmet…still on your head.

Guaranteed to make you look like a 10-year-old lesson kid driving down the road. Extra points if you stop at the store or gas station on the way home!


6. Braiding bands.

Some of you reported bringing home so many of these that you started using them on your own hair. Hey, might as well!

7. Hay. Loose hay. In every article of clothing you’re wearing.

Oh yeah, we all know that this little piece of the barn isn’t limited to just your pockets. In fact, it will be found in every garment you’re wearing–even in the winter, when you’re positive that nothing will make its way through the three jackets, four shirts and long underwear. It’s a proven scientific fact that hay loves bras, so you might as well come to terms with it.

Much like the "equestrian boots" trend, this only looks good on models. Fashion Tidbits

Much like the “equestrian boots” trend, this only looks good on models.
Fashion Tidbits

Go riding!

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