Equestrians Anonymous: This Week’s Top 5 from the Forums

We’ll bring you the five best conversations from our forums each week. Check out Equestrians Anonymous and let your voice be heard!


If you haven’t been a regular on Horse Nation’s forum board Equestrians Anonymous, then you’re really missing out. Picture the tack room or the barn aisle at the end of the day: You’re hanging out with your barn buddies, speaking that magical language of equestrian that no one at home will ever understand, and it hits you that you are among your people. That’s what Equestrians Anonymous is like, and here are the top five conversations going on right now:

1. “Weird colic presentation” (Horse Health)

Kristen Kovatch recently had a draft mare that was presumed to have gas colic when she presented with some other-than-ordinary symptoms. Read the full story and weigh in–was it colic? Was it something else? Do you have a horse prone to unusual symptoms?

2. “Horsewomen’s Recipe Exchange” (Community Exchange)

This is a post we can all get behind–who better to swap your favorite post-barn gotta-get-dinner-on-the-table recipes with than your fellow equestrians? Sneak peak: beef bourguignon, spaghetti squash casserole, and debate over the best boxed mac-n-cheese. (No judgement here.)

3. “American versions of old breeds” (Breeding)

An oldie-but-goodie, this thread arose in response to an article comparing the differences between European and American versions of the same breeds (check out the original Horse Nation piece here.) Quarter horses have popped into this discussion as well–what are your thoughts?

4. “Favorite hunt breakfast recipes” (Foxhunting)

Back to the food theme, fox hunter Carla Lake asks the community to share its best hunt breakfast recipes (and shares with us her amazing-sounding baked oatmeal muffins.) Turns out, the rest of the HN fox hunting community has a less, um…substantial breakfast in mind. Add your favorites!

5. “Horse won’t load…” (Training)

Hey, we’ve all been there–help forum user Gracie Perry find the right solution to help load her nervous horse, or read previous suggestions to find the answer to your own loading questions.

So what are you waiting for? Join any of these conversations, or start your own–we’re all crazy horse people here.


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